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5 out of 5 stars based on 59 reviews.

Patient Review by Kelly E

Dr. Morgan, thank you for being so awesome! You can tell you love your work and that is very calming to a patient. I had no pain during or after my treatment. I will definitely sing your praises to my family and friends should the need arise.

- Kelly E

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Patient Review by Shannon O

The staff and Doctor Morgan were very helpful to get me in on such a short notice. Everyone was friendly and made me feel at ease. A tooth ache not to mention a root canal had me in horrible pain and they fixed my problem in one visit. Thank you.

- Shannon O

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Patient Review by Lori F

I had a molar that was bothering me before Memorial Day. I was referred to Dr. Jean-Marie Manolakis, She is new to Dr. Morgan's office. She was so kind and helpful. She planned the root canal very quickly and it was a success! This was my first root canal so I was very nervous... She walked me through the process as she was doing the procedure and reassured me every step of the way. There was no pain! She was genuinely concerned about how the tooth was affecting me. I couldn't have asked for a better endodontist to work on my tooth.The dental hygienist and office staff were so kind and reassuring. I highly recommend Dr. Manolakis and her staff!!!

- Lori F

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Patient Review by Stevan B

The Endodontist who performed my root canal was Dr. Joan Marie Manolakis. I found Dr. Manolakis to be exceptionally knowledgeable of her practice and precise in her execution of the procedure; but above all, I found Dr. Manolakis to be very pleasant and comforting throughout the entire procedure. Her stating "let's rock and roll" to begin work instilled in me an assurance of her confidence and expertise. Additionally, I greatly appreciated her brief followup phone call to ensure that I was doing well. I have previously seen Dr. Rick Morgan for similar consultations and, in each case, have come away being impressed with his candor and no-nonsense discussion and recommendations. As well, his office and staff personnel offer a homey environment in which their patients may relax and feel welcome. A great place to come - should necessity drive you there.

- Stevan B

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Patient Review by Ellen Jeannine B

Having had a root canal in the past, I wasn't frightened by it, but was amazed at the changes in the procedure over the years. Dr. Manolakis performed the root canal after answering questions that I had. There was no rushing as she explained in detail some of the technical details. The procedure was pleasant and I especially enjoyed hearing KLove playing. Dr. Manolakis hummed and sang part of the time and I really wanted to go to sleep, but was afraid they would think I had fainted so I stayed awake (LOL). I was amazed at the precision and care taken during the procedure and was a part of it rather than just being an object being "worked on". I highly recommend Dr. Manolakis. I was called that afternoon as a follow-up and had no pain afterwards. I highly recommend her!

- Ellen Jeannine B

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Patient Review by Carol P

Dr. Manolakis was awesome technician and rich in spirit!...made for a pleasant, painless experience! Thank you!

- Carol P

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Patient Review by Steve R

Dr. Morgan is the most professional and well mannered dentist I have met. I highly recommend him.

- Steve R

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Patient Review by Jenni D

After visiting his office after being in pain for quite some time Dr. Morgan eased my pain in a matter of moments and gave me relief. He then performed a root canal a week later and I did not feel a thing! Wonderful staff and an amazing experience. Truly grateful. Many thanks!

- Jenni D

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Patient Review by Linda N

This was one of the best Dr. visits I've ever experienced. I especially liked the Christian atmosphere, the music playing were some of the same selections we sing at our church. Very relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. Would highly recommend Dr. Morgan and his staff to anyone who may need their service.

- Linda N

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Patient Review by Mary Ann P

As pleasant as an experience as possible as far as root canals are concerned. I'd rather have a root canal by Dr. Morgan than go car shopping any day! Staff is friendly and I really liked the music. Thank you!

- Mary Ann P

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Patient Review by Donna C

I called Dr. Morgan's office after being referred by my dentist for an evaluation. My dentist had given me antibiotics and pain meds but 5 days later I was still in excruciating pain. I called at 7:00 on a Monday morning and spoke with Denise (who by the way is awesome) who told me they could work me in that afternoon. By 7:45 she called me back and asked if I could come on in and I did. Dr. Morgan could not do anything that day but did give me a shot to relieve the pain for a few hours and placed me on stronger antibiotics. Denise rearranged a few other appointments so that they could do the root canal the next day. I am so thankful for the service I received from them. They were my answer to prayer! Dr. Morgan and his staff are awesome and I would recommend them to anyone needing endodonic treatment. Plus I love the Christian music playing in the background! You all rock!

- Donna C

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Patient Review by LaBarron M

I was very impressed from start to finish !!! I know where to go if i need help again. pass the word this is where ya want to get ya work done.

- LaBarron M

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Patient Review by Buddy W

Dr. Morgan and all the professional staff will treat you with respect and are really concerned with treating your pain and correcting the issue. They will put you at ease.

- Buddy W

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Patient Review by Darla S

The staff here all are very sweet and helpful. I love that when Dr Morgan is working with you, he is constantly updating you on what he is doing and will be doing next. He also continues to ask you how you are doing through the whole process. I also love that they play Christian music in the office. They also do a follow up call the day after, which is amazing. Thank you

- Darla S

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Patient Review by Mary K. C

Everything was great and everyone was nice.

- Mary K. C

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Patient Review by Patsy R

Dr. Morgan made my pain go away! He explained the procedure to me so I knew exactly what to expect. He made sure I was comfortable. He told me to raise my hand if I needed to take a break. I took advantage of the gas, and his injections did not hurt. There were three root canals for the tooth, and the procedure was painless. I am grateful to him for saving my tooth. They even called me the next day to make sure I was comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Morgan and his wonderful assistants.

- Patsy R

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Patient Review by Erin R

Dr. Morgan and his staff are THE BEST!They are very professional, kind, patient, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and skilled. From the cheerful way they answer the phone, how they greet you when you walk through the door, how they care for you and seat you in the chair, the soft music in the background, the warm blankets if you are cold and they even have little prepackaged/prepasted toothbrushes if you need to brush before your visit. Dr. Morgan is very skilled and knowledgeable so the root canal was virtually painless. He and his nurse made sure the surgical area was numb and that I was comfortable before beginning. ALWAYS go to a specialist. Dr. Morgan is a specialist. Awesome dentist and staff and I would recommend this dental practice to anyone. Awesome.

- Erin R

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Patient Review by Cameronesha N

I visited Dr. Morgan for a root canal my initial visit was for a consultation and he told me my that I indeed needed a root canal treatment done. They were booked of course and my appointment for the procedure was important for me because I had graduation on Dec. 10th, They did everything thing that they could to fit me in before that time and they did. My appointment was on December 1st. The care that I received while there was phenomenal. I was so afraid of the procedure because everyone had told me how painful it would be. I am twenty two so I am kind of a baby when it comes to stuff like that. But I experienced NO pain. Just a little soreness that night after my nap but after that not a thing. I am so grateful for this office and if I need anything else done that he specializes in I will definitely go back there. I had an awesome experience.

- Cameronesha N

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Patient Review by Iris C

Dr. Morgan and his staff took excellent care of me throughout my root canal treatment. I was anxious at first and after hearing so many horror stories, I didn't know what to expect. I was immediately put at ease by Dr. Morgan and his staff. I will most definitely recommend Dr. Morgan to any one I know who is seeking a great endodontist.

- Iris C

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Patient Review by Brittney W

This was a very pleasant experience; Dr. Morgan and his staff were very professional and friendly. I got a courtesy call two days later (outside of their business hours!) just to make sure I was doing okay. I loved the Christian environment!

- Brittney W

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