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5 out of 5 stars based on 109 reviews.

Patient Review by Lynn T

I'd give Dr. Manolakis more then 5 stars if the option to do that was here. This was my 1st root canal so I was a little apprehensive about the procedure. Dr. Manolakis talked me through everything and even mentioned some of the sounds I'd hear. It was helpful for me to know what's coming and I was so glad she took the time to explain it all. The procedure was painless after getting numbed (and that wasn't so bad either). It was comforting to have a highly skilled and caring Dr. and staff. If anyone asks - this is the place to go & the Dr. to see.

- Lynn T

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Patient Review by Erica L

Dr. Manolakis made my root canal experience easy, painless, and kept me informed during the entire process. My experience could not have been better. Dr. Manolakis and her staff took great care in easing my anxiety. It was off the charts!! They are amazing!!

- Erica L

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Patient Review by Kathy J

Dr Morgan, his assistant and staff made my root canal experience so much better than what it could have been. Dr Morgan is so calming and has such a sweet spirit. I pray that I do not have a future need but if I do I will definitely call on Dr Morgan.

- Kathy J

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Patient Review by Melissa B

Dr. Morgan and his staff are wonderful! I will definitely recommend them to my family and friends.

- Melissa B

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Patient Review by Mary B

As someone who was once traumatized very long ago, I truly appreciated the expert care and extra attention from Dr Manolakis and Avery. Also, their wonderful singing during the procedure was at first a surprise but then helped to calm me. They truly addressed my emotional needs as well as my physical comfort. Excellent!

- Mary B

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Patient Review by Sandra W

Dr. Morgan and his staff made a procedure that might have been fearful and dreaded into a comfortable, and reassuring experience. His wisdom and skill saved my tooth. I am forever grateful to him for the care I received.

- Sandra W

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Patient Review by Karen G

I was very anxious about having a root canal for the first time, but Dr. Manolakis and her assistant were very considerate. Dr. Manolakis answered all my questions, even taking the time to explain in more detail those things I didn't quite understand. She took great care to make sure I could feel nothing, and throughout the process she explained what she was going to do next, and what kind of pressure or sounds I would likely feel and hear. I really appreciate how she kept my physical and mental comfort in mind! If I need further endodontic treatment, I will go see Dr. Manolakis at Mobile Endodontic Associates.

- Karen G

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Patient Review by Christie N

It was a very good experience. Dr Manolakis was so sweet, knowledgeable and kind. It had been a long time since my last root canal and Dr McMurphy had retired when this happened. I was very anxious to have to see a new dentist, especially for a root canal, but I could not have had a better experience. It was basically painless and I had no problems afterwards. I will always use this group. Since I have to have another one, I am happy it will be done by Dr Manolakis. I will definitely recommend your group to other people.

- Christie N

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Patient Review by Anita S

This procedure could not have been better. Something that was dreaded turned out to be a blessing .The music was relaxing and beautiful. Heartfelt thanks to all the staff and prayers of blessing.

- Anita S

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Patient Review by Lisa D

Dr. Manolakis was wonderful. She was very caring, compassionate and did a great job. She made me feel at ease during the treatment. Great atmosphere. Especially loved the Christian radio station being played during my visits. It was comforting to me.

- Lisa D

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Patient Review by Rachel B

Dr. Manolakis is amazing. The shots were painless and she was so confident with her work. It was a quick and easy process. I came in for a consultation and received treatment the same day. Highly recommended.

- Rachel B

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Patient Review by Graham F

Root canal is probably one of the most uncomfortable dental procedures you can experience. The staff at this facility made me feel comfortable and alleviated my apprehension about the entire procedure. Dr. Morgan was very expedient and did everything possible to mitigate the obvious discomfort and tedium and complete the work as quickly as possible. In the end, I have experienced only minor soreness in my cheek and jaw, which I expected. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone in need of these services.

- Graham F

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Patient Review by Tim H

Dr Joan-Marie Manolakis is awesome. Hated any thought of having a root canal until I used her. If i ever need another she will be the one that does it.

- Tim H

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Patient Review by Kandy M

Dr. Manolakis was awesome! Was very nervous about the procedure but she made me feel so much better! Love the fact that they play Christian music in their office! What a testimony!

- Kandy M

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Patient Review by Paulette C

Loved talking ballet about our girls. Equipment is perfect and they followed up with me, as to how I was doing. Said to call if I was having any trouble.

- Paulette C

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Patient Review by Jim F

I have had several root canals before from others. This was THE most comfortable I have ever been having that procedure. The gentle pats on my shoulder as the numbing injections were given were most appreciated. Dr. Morgan was extremely gentle performing the procedure. If I ever need another root canal, I will surely make my appointment with Dr. Rick Morgan.

- Jim F

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Patient Review by Ellen H

I absolutely had a great experience with the whole office staff!

- Ellen H

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Patient Review by Linda H

Dr. Morgan and his staff have provided excellent care each time I have come. The level of friendliness and concern expressed by everyone is exceptional, especially in today’s world. They make me feel like “family” and treat me accordingly. Everyone also makes sure you experience as little discomfort as possible.

- Linda H

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Patient Review by Cindy N

Dr. Morgan and his staff are the best in the business!

- Cindy N

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Patient Review by Cheryl M

There is such a calm, relaxing atmosphere from the moment you walk in the front door! I felt calm throughout the entire procedure and Dr. Morgan and his staff are awesome! I highly recommend them.

- Cheryl M

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