Patient Review by Cameronesha N

I visited Dr. Morgan for a root canal my initial visit was for a consultation and he told me my that I indeed needed a root canal treatment done. They were booked of course and my appointment for the procedure was important for me because I had graduation on Dec. 10th, They did everything thing that they could to fit me in before that time and they did. My appointment was on December 1st. The care that I received while there was phenomenal. I was so afraid of the procedure because everyone had told me how painful it would be. I am twenty two so I am kind of a baby when it comes to stuff like that. But I experienced NO pain. Just a little soreness that night after my nap but after that not a thing. I am so grateful for this office and if I need anything else done that he specializes in I will definitely go back there. I had an awesome experience.

- Cameronesha N

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