Patient Review by Ellen Jeannine B

Having had a root canal in the past, I wasn't frightened by it, but was amazed at the changes in the procedure over the years. Dr. Manolakis performed the root canal after answering questions that I had. There was no rushing as she explained in detail some of the technical details. The procedure was pleasant and I especially enjoyed hearing KLove playing. Dr. Manolakis hummed and sang part of the time and I really wanted to go to sleep, but was afraid they would think I had fainted so I stayed awake (LOL). I was amazed at the precision and care taken during the procedure and was a part of it rather than just being an object being "worked on". I highly recommend Dr. Manolakis. I was called that afternoon as a follow-up and had no pain afterwards. I highly recommend her!

- Ellen Jeannine B

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